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Three Journeys Home
Printed at 38.5" x 32", this infographic tracks my journey to three different places I — humorously & not — have considered home, from my current home in Providence, RI. The varying scales of the journeys portray the large distances that I travel to the RISD GD Design Center, then to California, and finally back home to the Philippines. Along the trips, I have outlined the airports along the journey, as well as the multiple tasks and activities I embark on throughout the journeys. The poster also provides a statistical summary (i.e., cost of trip, hours listening to music, etc.) for each journey. 
Typeface: Pangram. As a scale reference, the following font sizes were used: 10pt, 12pt, 15pt, 18pt, 20pt, and 90pt. Below are close ups of the poster showcasing typographic details. 
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