Womxn of Color Reception identity for the Brown University Center for Students of Color. Theme revolved around the Hailie Sahar quote: "How lucky are we? We create ourselves." Deliverables (from left to right) include: event poster, bookmark, program, and two poems that were distributed during the reception. Typeface: GT Sectra. 
Spring Weekend 2018 Branding. Theme was to "Disrupt and Distort" the current music industry, reflected with visuals of glitches and distortions of typographic forms.
Extended page on Spring Weekend Branding can be found in my Archive

Left: Infographic about the biodiversity of the Philippines, with a predominantly typographic approach. 

Above: Simplified version of the poster, highlighting one statistic and illustration of 70%. 

Above: Rebus poster. Try and guess what it means! (Rebus: a puzzle in which words are represented by combinations of pictures and individual letters or symbols) | Answer: UI/UX [U-Lock Eye / U-Turn Axe]

Right: Poster in response to contraceptive views in the Philippines. Text on bottom right of poster reads: "Each individual has the right to select their own form of contraceptives and access to family planning. Contraceptives are not abortifacients; it is the responsibility of our government to properly educate the public and provide proper access to responsible family planning options. ABOLISH ARTICLE II, SEC. 12 OF THE 1987 CONSTITUTION."

Poster series study based on Saeed Abu Jaber's original Mano Le Tough poster, pictured on the left. Middle and Right posters are my expansion of Jaber's visual system to new poster variations. 

Fictional RISD Graphic Design speaker series; variant one

Fictional RISD Graphic Design speaker series; variant two

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