Though the timeline takes the form of a classic accordion, it is also able to be opened upwards to reveal select works of the designers, as referenced in their timeline above. 
The objective of the accordion is to compare two designers: one historically important designer (Moholy-Nagy) and one contemporary designer (Valicenti). Throughout the timelines of both designers, important landmarks in history relevant to them are included. 
I chose these two artists as they have similar, yet contrasting, approaches to typography. Moholy-Nagy is often credited to mastering "Typo-Photo", wherein photography and typography successfully work together. On the other hand, Valicenti takes this a step further and uses dynamic typography to work both as the type and the photo, which is arguably the contemporary approach to "Typo-Photo". 
Full spread, digital
Special thanks to Rick Valicenti! 
Created for History of Graphic Design, Instructed by Doug Scott. 
RISD GD, Fall 2017. 
Typefaces: Futura, Montserrat 
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