The project was split into two different studies of the word: Lettering [words as image, letterform as picture], and Modular [letterforms as a system].
I took two contrasting approaches to portraying the word flux. The Apple Dictionary defines flux as "the action or process of flowing or flowing out". I chose to depict two forms of flow: one smooth, and one rigid, to reflect the two different studies of the word. 

Naturally, the Lettering study explored how something can move in a steady and smooth manner. Adobe Illustrator was used to create the effect. Below are other color variations of the background that were considered. 
The pattern behind each letterform also took many forms; some of which portrayed motion differently through more fragments and larger spacing between the copies of each individual letter. 
The Modular aspect of this project was set with a lot more restrictions. It was required that letterforms were vector based, and based on an assigned grid of 0.25" x 0.25" squares – locked to the grid. 
Below are several of my initial ideas; I ran through several problems when trying to form the letter 'X' with the restrictions provided by the 0.25" x 0.25" squares.
The very first attempt is seen in the top left of the image above. After seeing how the letter 'X' would not have a smooth diagonal because of the grid restriction, I began to explore how that gesture could be turned into a design element that would be consistent throughout the word. 
As the exploration continued, I found that placing another square on top of each 0.25" x 0.25" square and rotating it 25 degrees would connect to the uneven diagonal of the letter 'X'. This is better illustrated in the outline of each individual 0.25" x 0.25" squares in the image below. 
I then finessed this idea (as well as did not lock the diagonals of the 'X' to the grid), which lead to the final Modular Type seen in the bottom right of the image above.
The final deliverables were printed at the size of 36inch x 24inch. 
Created for Typography I, Instructed by Keetra Dixon. 
RISD GD, Fall 2017. 
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