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BOxD is a woman-owned boutique consulting firm based in Silicon Valley. Specializing in the design of organizations and teams, BOxD partners with clients to create the structures, processes, metrics, practices, and experiences that shape people's behaviors. It is those behaviors, done at scale, that bring an organizational mission, vision, and strategy to life. To impact the most meaningful variable of organizational success—people—BOxD threads together human-centered design and inclusion with a systems-thinking approach to problem solving. They co-create futures right alongside their clients.

I was hired by the two co-founders of the firm to design their brand identity. This is a look into the identity I developed that will soon be applied once their new website officially launches. Note: any work released by BOxD that is not presented on this page was not created by me. 

With a name like "BOxD," it only seemed natural to have the logo nod to the obvious symbol of an actual box or cube. As the company has a unique approach to organizational design, I was inspired to treat the cube as both three dimensional and two dimensional. By overlaying the flat, 2D, typography on the three dimensional symbol, this logo references BOxD's out-of-the-box methods that are essential to their brand.
Better Organizations, Teams, and You, by Design
A distinctive aspect of BOxD's mission is to design organizations in three different levels; The big organizational level (which is made up of teams), at the team level (which is made up of people), and the individual (you). Thus, the logo is able to adjust to have three different variations, representing the different levels that they design within. The logo itself further insinuates that without You, the larger Teams would fall apart, and so would the entire Organization. 
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Other routes suggested & various iterations.
Naturally, working closely with the two founders of the organization meant designing several different logos and identities before narrowing it down to one. Below are some initial sketches and two other routes that were presented. 

Route One
Route Two
Quicker Sketches / Iterations / Sketches

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